Elimination is the process in the Total Drama series when a team or the merged contestants have to vote off a fellow contestant.

An elimination usually occurs during a campfire ceremony or an awards ceremony. Chris will hand out a Marshmallow, Gilded Chris Award, or Coconut to the contestants and whoever doesn't receive one has been eliminated from the Total Drama. Generally, elimination ceremonies happen after nightfall.

Chris says once a contestant walks the Dock of Shame in Total Drama Cutthroat, Walk of Shame in Total Drama: Lights Camera Action, or gets thrown in the Sling-Shot of Shame, that they can never come back, "ever." 

Total Drama Divas Edit

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Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Anne Maria female the Devious heels 17th Quitters Can't Sit With Us She was using her hair spray and was not focus on the game.