Ireland, labeled "The Ginger With Soul", is a contestant on Total Drama ____ as a member of The Devious Heels. 

The Devious Heels
Gender Female
Hair color Orange
Eye color Midnight Blue
Eliminated TD: TBA
Place TD: TBA
Relationship N/A
Family Mother, Father
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA

Audition TapeEdit

Total DramaEdit

  • Ireland is on The Devious Heels.


  • Ireland is one of the 7 new contestant to Total Drama


Total Drama InterviewEdit

Ireland's Interview

What’s your best quality?

Faves? (Music, colour, movie, food)

Describe your craziest dream.

Best memory from childhood?

Most embarrassing moment at school?

Describe the first job you ever had.

Ten years from now, what are you doing?

My dream date would be with ___________, doing what?

It’s the last day on earth. In one sentence, what would you do?