Junior, labeled "The Smooth Dancer", When Junior was growing up, he didn't have much. All he had was his family and dance. He was bullied in middle school and all of that is reflected into his dance. His father died when he was 15, so he was responsible for his family. He met his girlfriend, Mandi, at the mall. They fell in love, and now his life is great! He was a contestant on Total Drama Cutthroat as a member of the Toxic Fugu.


Toxic Fugu


Gender Male
Hair color TBA
Eye color TBA
Episode Eliminated TDC: Finale, Here We Come


TDC: 1st

Relationship Mandi


Enemies TBA
Fear TBA
Talent TBA
User Lulucas777

Total Drama CutthroatEdit

Junior is on Toxic Fugu

Audition TapeEdit


  • Junior and Mandi are the first couple to be known before the show started



Junior's Interview

Interviewer: How do you feel about being accepted to the show?

Junior: Haha, it's great! Especially since my girlfriend, Mandi, is here.

Interviewer: What are your thoughts about the show?

Junior: It's great. I'm a big fan.

Interviewer: How will you use the money if you win?

Junior: Well, I would start a dance school for the less fortunate kids in my city.

Interviewer: What is your strategy/startigies to win?

Junior: I would play the game the same way Mandi would.

Interviewer: Who do you want to be friends with?

Junior: Everyone Mandi is friends with, and some others.

Interviewer: Are you statisfied about the characters on your team?

Junior: Yeah, I've got power players!

Interviewer: Do you think you can win?

Junior: Probably if I play my cards right.

Interviewer: What are your hobbies?

Junior: Dancing.

Interviewer: Do you have a crush on someone?

Junior: Of course! Mandi!