Total Drama Divas
Genre Animation
Reality television
Created by JackyDelRey, KissTheQueenNow
Preceded by Total Drama: Lights Camera Action
Succeeded by TBA

Total Drama Divas is the Third season of Total Drama.

Overview Edit

This season involved seventeen female contestants who had been tricked to enjoy a spa vacation but were brought to an island. The seventeen contestants chosen were divided into two separate teams; the Sunshine Sunflowers and the Torn Blood Roses. The two teams were given challenges every three days. The losing team would vote one of their members off and the contestant that was voted off would have to walk the Dock of Shame and ride the Sling-Shot of Shame, which would send them flying away. At some point in the competition, the teams would dissolve. After the merge the same elimination process would continue to happen, except then after every challenge only one to two people had invincibility and after every challenge the whole group had to vote somebody out instead of just one team. This process continued until only two contestants were left to compete in a final challenge where the contestant standing won $1,000,000.

Elimination Edit

This is the process in Total Drama Divas in which a camper is eliminated; initially, the team that lost the most recent challenge, unless the last challenge happened to be a reward challenge, would vote for a camper and the one with the most votes against them would be voted off the island. Since the teams eventually merged, all the campers began to vote for each other and only the challenge winner received immunity. In certain challenges, a camper would be automatically eliminated without any votes if they lost a challenge after the merge.

Participant Team Status Placing
Anne Maria the devious hells 1st voted out in Quitters Can't Sit With Us 17th Non-Merged

Characters Edit

Contestants Episode Count
Zoey TBA/14 Episodes
Blaineley TBA/14 Episodes
Bridgette TBA/14 Episodes
Cornelia TBA/14 Episodes
Courtney TBA/14 Episodes
Diem TBA/14 Episodes
Gwen TBA/14 Episodes
Heather TBA/14 Episodes
Ireland TBA/14 Episodes
Jacky TBA/14 Episodes
Jonna TBA/14 Episodes
Lindsay TBA/14 Episodes
Olivia TBA/14 Episodes
Rocky TBA/14 Episodes
Sierra TBA/14 Episodes
Staci TBA/14 Episodes
Anne Maria 1/14 Episodes

Episodes Edit

There are fourteen episodes to Total Drama Divas

Rewards Edit

Many challenges award prizes to the winner or winners. The usual prize is invincibility for the winning team or contestant. However, on other occasions, rewards were given out as bonuses for their accomplishments.