Alright sorry about the last post being missleading. Here I'm asking your elimination order your way.

Alright here's mine :)

27th: Russel- Bodyswapping thing is kinda werid sorry.

26th: Daniel- His sneeky thing may back fire qucikly.

25th: Madison- Sorry but she seems more devoted to advertizing her job than the actual game.

24th: Brian- From what I know he is mean.

23rd: Coral- She's labeled as Goody Two Shoes..... yeah that may make her voted off early

22nd: Mandi- She may be more focused on Junior than the game which will probably make her team vote her off.

21st: Julie- Jenny will probably vote her off so she doesn't try to go out with her brother.

20th: Clarissa- People will probably get tired of her attitude.

19th: Colt- Girls he flirts with will probably eventually realize he has a girlfriend he's cheats on with.

18th: Veronica- People may misjudge her by thinking she's mean.(when she isn't)

17th: Jonna- Probably fall in love with Erick making her do bad in the challenge.

16th: James- he accidently slips up and loses the elimination challenge even though he's strong.

15th: Johnney- Just loses the challenge.

14th: Keith- Misses his girlfriend too much.(IDK)

13th: Junior- He says he would perfer Mandi over money and quits.

12th: Alex P.- Erick votes him off so he can manipulate the rest of the girls and not Alex.

11th: Jenny- Her brother gets annoyed of her bossiness and votes her off XD

10th: Serena- People see her as a threat.

9th: Alex M.- He just starts to get lazy and they vote him off.

8th: Macey- Since Ronnie and Genisis can't decide on a vote the other teams chose Macey since they see her as a threat.(since she's smart)

7th: Malik- Erick convinces Tiffani to vote him off.

6th: Tiffani- She loses the challenge.

5th: Mariah: She is seen as a threat so she's voted off.

4th: Ronnie: She loses the challenge.

3rd: Genisis: Same as Ronnie

2nd: Mallory

1st: Erick